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Covering Health Care Costs With Medicare Supplement

If you are concerned about the additional costs regular medical care requires for appointments and care outside your original Medicare insurance, John Iannotti has an excellent solution. We are a non-captive insurance agent with in-depth knowledge of the best policy options for clients throughout the country in states like Florida, Vermont, Maine, California, and Illinois. Medicare Supplement Insurance may be the best coverage option to ensure you can afford health care services whenever you need them. We will gladly go over all the details about this insurance policy and how it applies to your medical coverage, including receiving care while you travel or leave the country.

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What Is Medicare Supplement Insurance?

Before you invest in Medicare Supplement, John Iannotti will define what this insurance is and how it can help you to ensure you make the right choice for your needs. Medicare Supplement Insurance is an option sold by private companies to fill the gaps left by original Medicare coverage. Also known as Medigap, this supplemental insurance can help cover health care costs like deductibles, copayments, and coinsurance. Medicare Supplement can also cover services your original Medicare plan does not, including medical care while traveling outside the United States. If you have Medicare and Medigap policies, the process to cover the services goes like this:

  • Original Medicare will pay its share of covered health care costs according to the Medicare-approved amount.
  • After Medicare has made its payment, your Medigap policy will pay its share.

Benefits of John Iannotti’s Insurance Services

John Iannotti is proud of the insurance services we provide and wants you to feel comfortable relying on us as your agent. You can expect all the following benefits of working with us:

Unbiased Advice

An unbiased insurance agent is beneficial to choosing policies because we can give you objective advice about what options suit your needs. We can guide you through coverage options and the complicated insurance planning process.

Stress-Free Planning

When planning your coverage, we ask you enough questions to ensure we understand your unique needs over the phone, via emails or messaging, or through in-person meetings. After speaking with you, we recommend a plan that fits your specific needs.

Independent Professional Service

Our insurance expertise covers the Medicare laws in each state we serve. We can always answer your questions and discuss which options are the best choices from top-tier providers.

Coverage Options to Fit Your Insurance Needs

If you need additional coverage to pay for health care costs your original Medicare policy does not cover, Medicare Supplement insurance may be an outstanding choice. We will explain our available options and how they can serve your medical care needs.

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