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Financial Security in Case of an Illness or Injury

John Iannotti is well-versed in the many costs associated with chronic conditions, and the afflicted people may require professional assistance with medical care and daily life tasks. Our insurance services encompass a broad range of coverage needs, such as retirement, health care, and future planning. One essential type of coverage we gladly offer to protect our clients and their families in case of an injury or diagnosis is long-term care. Clients in Michigan, Ohio, New Jersey, Florida, California, Maine, and many other states count on us to help them secure policies that meet their needs.

Young Female Doctor with Elderly Patient

Details About Long-Term Care Coverage

Suppose you receive a chronic illness or condition diagnosis in the future, such as Parkinson’s Disease or Alzheimer’s, or you come home after staying at a rehab center. In that case, a long-term care policy provides various benefits. These policies offer holders assisted living to help them with daily life, and they get a significant decrease in expense costs. John Iannotti will find you the best possible coverage to safeguard your well-being, whether you are dealing with a disease, illness, or injury. Putting a policy in place can help you avoid a cripplingly expensive situation impacting you and your loved ones. We work with you to determine what services and options you need with long-term care, where you receive care, and who provides care for you if you ever need assistance due to a condition.

Parents carrying kids, playing on meadow

What a Long-Term Policy Provides Holders

A chronic or long-term illness or condition may require various assistive services from health care professionals to care for you. The financial impact of an injury or diagnosis can also be a substantial burden you and your family cannot handle. With a long-term care policy, these issues are covered to ensure you or your loved one has what they need to manage their daily life. As a non-captive insurance agent, our goal is to provide exceptional options at rates with comprehensive coverage and at rates that fit your needs. Some of the services and benefits a long-term policy provides include the following:

  • Financial Freedom
  • Assistance With Dressing, Bathing, and Eating
  • Home Health Aides and Therapists
  • Skilled Nursing Care

John Iannotti Is Here to Help You

Let John Iannotti provide suitable options for your long-term care needs with policies from the industry’s top providers. We take your unique financial and personal details into consideration when recommending any coverage plan to ensure it fits the care and coverage you and your family may depend on due to an injury or chronic illness or condition.

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