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Coverage for Clients in Washington, Florida, & Beyond

Ensuring your loved ones’ well-being after you die involves securing coverage for their financial welfare. John Iannotti offers clients in places like Michigan, New Jersey, and Washington life insurance options ranging from the final expense for burial costs to whole life insurance. Our clients are located across the country, including Florida, California, Ohio, Illinois, Pennsylvania, New York, Vermont, and Maine.

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Types of Life Insurance Policies We Offer

John Iannotti’s collection of life insurance policies come from the nation’s top-tier providers, ensuring policyholders get the best services and coverage for their needs. There are several types of life insurance options available to cover set terms, amounts, and benefits. We have described some of the most common types our clients choose:

Term Life

Investors sometimes refer to term life insurance as pure life insurance. It offers covered clients a stated death benefit payment if they die during a specified term. The policyholder can renew their term once it expires, let it terminate, or convert their policy to permanent coverage.

Whole Life

This form of life insurance provides policyholders with permanent death benefit coverage. A policy does more than pay a death benefit upon a person’s expiration. It also includes a savings component that accumulates a cash value on a tax-advantaged basis. A common term for this type of life insurance policy is traditional life insurance.

Accidental Death Benefits

If you have an accidental death benefit, it refers to an accidental death insurance policy issuing payment due to the policy’s beneficiary. The benefit is typically paid additional to a standard benefit payable if the insured person died of natural causes. Accidental death benefits might extend as long as a year following the initial accident if the accident led to their death, depending on the policy’s issuer.

Universal Life

This type of permanent life insurance includes an investment savings element and has low premiums compared to term life insurance policies. There is a flexible-premium option in most of these policies, but some require fixed premiums or a single premium. Beneficiaries only receive the death benefit from this policy type, but it can accumulate cash value.

Final Expense

These policies are easier to get approved for and have a small death benefit. They are a type of whole life insurance, commonly referred to as burial insurance or funeral insurance. Final expense insurance has no difference from normal life insurance, except insurers sell it as a smaller policy to make it more affordable.

John Iannotti Has Your Policy Needs Covered

Life insurance coverage is within easy reach with John Iannotti’s services and expertise working to your benefit. We only help clients secure policies from top insurers for their peace of mind and financial well-being.

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