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Guaranteed Income With Fixed Annuities

John Iannotti understands the stress of planning and investing for retirement across the country, including states like Florida, Pennsylvania, and Ohio. With indexed annuities, you can save on fees and other costs. We offer various options in fixed index annuities (FIAs) through the industry’s top-tier providers.

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Some of the Benefits of an FIA Include the Following

Indexing Power

With indexing, your retirement investment participates and locks in market gains without suffering market losses. An FIA holds its value even when the market index declines, so your retirement funds are always safe. We recommend fixed index annuities as a secure way to keep your investment growing without the risks of direct market trading.

Safety & Security

John Iannotti represents financial institutions carrying an “A” rating or higher from financial rating institutions so that you get the best financial outlooks. You also get security because each institution is registered as a Legal Reserve Entity in your state, meaning they have at least one dollar of liquid reserves to cover every dollar of liability. An additional layer of security comes from the state’s guarantee fund, which annuities pay into.

Tax-Deferred Growth

An FIA lets your funds grow with tax-deferred, resulting in triple-compounding interest. You earn interest on your investment funds, the interest you already earned, and the money that would’ve normally gone to taxes. You can earn more for retirement in an FIA than you would by investing in a non-tax deferred investment.

Fee Elimination

While we cannot control the market, we do have control over the fees we pay. You might not realize what fees apply to your retirement investment and how they erode your nest egg. An FIA can eliminate fees that traditional equity investments normally include, such as expense and load fees. You won’t worry about your funds eroding from annual fees over time.

Market Risk Elimination

A sequence of Returns Risk is a dangerous risk to your retirement funds, involving the order in which your investment returns occur. Over time, your investment portfolio might have a favorable return, but too many negative returns in a short time while you withdraw funds can deplete your retirement investment.

Guaranteed Lifetime Income

Annuities are the only type of retirement investment offering guaranteed lifetime income. While traditional investments pay principle and investment returns, annuities or FIAs offer a unique third dimension known as mortality credits. These credits offer higher withdrawal rates and can guarantee a paycheck for life.

Avoid Probate

Annuities are like life insurance because the funds go directly to beneficiaries while avoiding probate. Probate costs can add up to two to four percent of an estate, and they can be as high as seven percent in some states. With an annuity, you hold onto your investment’s value and save money by avoiding these costs.

Retirement Planning in Ohio, New York, & Beyond

If you need a retirement investment plan, John Iannotti has lucrative options for you to consider. We can help you with indexed annuities to ensure you have the funds you need to live comfortably.

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