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Provides Education Funding Resources

If you attended college, and your college knows where you live, you probably hear from them regularly asking for your generous contributions.

These Funds Are College Endowment Awards!

We have assisted thousands of students from Middle School through College Graduates fund their higher education over the past 40 years by showing students and parents how to access some $600 billion dollars colleges never tell you about. They simply offer loans having created over $1.7 trillion dollars in student loan debt.

Billions have been given to colleges to help your deserving students fund college. These dollars go unclaimed simply because . . .

Few Understand How to Apply!

If you are a parent or want to assist your student in receiving funding that does NOT have to be repaid, your endorsement and support can impact the funding your student receives.

Put the student’s name in the subject line of an email and in the body of your email, describe why you are proud of your student. Achievements and accomplishments you share with us can often make the difference. Click this link to . . .


We will immediately send you the application. Check your junk mail if you don’t see it as we send the application to you immediately.

Send your email to:

Call Us at : 415-322-8405


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