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Coverage for Your Present & Future Needs

John Iannotti is well-versed in a wide array of insurance options benefiting our clients across the nation. We only work with top-tier providers to ensure our clients have the best options to cover life events and expenses, including healthcare, retirement, and other factors impacting their financial well-being. We offer our insurance services in Florida, Pennsylvania, California, Washington, New York, and many other states.

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Comprehensive Insurance Services for Healthcare & More

As a highly trained non-captive insurance agent, John Iannotti understands our clients’ many financial concerns regarding their health, retirement, and other living expenses. We offer all the following services to ensure you and your family’s security:

Life Insurance

We believe every client with life insurance should be paid what they’re worth to cover expenses like mortgages and final expenses. Our options for individuals include aggressive compensation plans from several top providers to ensure our clients have peace of mind and financial security if an unexpected event enacts their plan.

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Indexed Annuities

You can participate and lock in the market’s upside gains without worrying about downside market losses by investing in an indexed annuity. We ensure your retirement is safe with this investment option. You can expect it to lock in gains when the market index increases and not lose value during a market index decline.

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Long-Term Care

A chronic condition or illness can substantially affect your financial stability, so a long-term care plan is an excellent coverage option. You might receive an Alzheimer’s diagnosis or return home from a rehab center and need a secure means of covering expenses. We work with you to determine options that fit your needs, including where you receive care and who will care for you.

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Medicare Supplement

A Medigap or Medicare Supplement Insurance policy can help you cover some health care costs your original Medicare insurance does not cover. Some examples of these expenses include deductibles, copayments, and coinsurance. Our insurance solutions include Medicare Supplement to remove the worry of these costs burdening your financial welfare.

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Medicare Advantage

While not all illnesses or injuries put your well-being at immediate risk, many conditions require prompt medical care. These urgent visits to a health care provider can lead to a substantial bill that your regular insurance will not cover. Medicare Advantage covers care you receive outside your Medicare plan’s service area for sudden illnesses or injuries that may not be life-threatening but do need medical care right away.

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Educational Funding

These Funds Are College Endowment Awards!
We have assisted thousands of students from Middle School through College Graduates fund their higher education over the past 40 years by showing students and parents how to access some $600 billion dollars colleges never tell you about. They simply offer loans having created over $1.7 trillion dollars in student loan debt.

Billions have been given to colleges to help your deserving students fund college. These dollars go…

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Coverage Available to You & Your Family

John Iannotti looks forward to working with you and helping you find the perfect insurance solutions for your needs. We have a broad range of insurance options to cover expenses like retirement, illnesses, and injuries.

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